Our Fair Fees Policy

When you buy a ticket from us, the price you see is the price you pay.

It will include any fees and charges - and if a transaction charge applies you’ll see this at the start of your booking journey.  We won’t make any last-minute additions, so there are no surprises when you come to pay.

Behind the scenes, the price you pay is broken down into:

  • Ticket Face Value
  • Venue Ticketing Fees
The face value portion of the ticket goes to the promoter, producer or event organiser.  Any fee goes towards our costs as a venue.

The face value you pay covers costs like:

  • Paying the artist
  • Equipment, travel and accommodation
  • Music licensing or royalty payments
  • Marketing the show
  • Insuring the event

Any fee you pay covers venue costs like:

  • Running the building
  • Venue staffing
  • Ticketing software
  • Data security
  • Box office equipment
  • Websites
  • Payment provider costs
  • Ticket scanners

We’re committed to being transparent about the way in which our charges apply. We hope this is helpful information.

If you buy from a third-party ticket seller additional charges may apply.