Pre-Show Dining

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Turn a great night out into an incredible one with pre-show dining in The Restaurant. Available from 4 December 2021. 

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Showstopper of the month

Please welcome to the stage a dish that's been crafted to serenade your senses

Lamb & Shiraz Pie | Serves 2

A feast of diced lamb in a red wine gravy with rosemary encased in shortcrust pastry, accompanied by buttered mashed potato, honey glazed roasted root vegetables and gravy. 26
Contains celery, gluten, milk, mustard, sulphur dioxide 


Battered Halloumi

Halloumi coated in a lemon and coriander butter, crushed peas, triple cooked chips, homemade tartare sauce and lemon wedge. 12.50
Contains eggs, gluten, milk, suplhur dioxide

Vegetable Thai Noodles

Asian inspired stir fry of soy infused vegetables and bean shoots with a hint of heat, served with freshly blanched rice noodles, toasted cashew nuts and coriander 11.50

Add chicken for just £3
Contains nuts, soyabeans

Signature Fish & Chips

MSC sustainable haddock fillet in a crispy beer batter with triple cooked chips, crushed peas, tartare sauce and lemon wedge 14.50
Contains eggs, fish, gluten, sulphur dioxide

All-Star Burgers

BBQ Brisket Burger

Braised beef cooked to perfection in a deep southern BBQ sauce topped with melting cheese, pickled pink onions and baby watercress in a pretzel bun with seasoned skin on fries and coleslaw 12.50
Contains dairy, eggs, gluten, milk

Hot’n’Kickin’ Chicken Burger

Buttermilk chicken fillet with cheese and bacon smothered in a flamin’ sauce, shredded baby gem in a toasted bun, seasoned skin on fries and coleslaw 13.50
Contains eggs, gluten, milk

Supporting Cast

Chilli Potato Wedges  3.50
Contains gluten, milk

Garlic Puccia Bread  4.00
Contains gluten, milk, soybeans

Onion Rings 3.50
Contains gluten

Mozzerella Bites  4.00
Contains gluten, milk, soybeans

Grand Finale


Apple Tart Tatin 

Braeburn apples coated in a toffee sauce on a pastry base finished with vanilla ice cream 6.00
Contains eggs, gluten, milk, soybeans

Black Forest Cake

Kirsch infused chocolate sponge with a cherry sauce and Chantilly cream filling 7.50
Contains eggs, milk

Caramalised Biscuit Cheesecake

Delicious biscuit based dessert suitable for vegans, topped with fruits of the forest compote 7.50
Contains gluten, soybeans

Marshfield Farm Ice Creams 

Selection of classic flavours with your choice of sauce, wafer curl 5.50
Please ask your server for current range and full allergen list.

Warm Sweet Waffles

A real favourite with salted caramel ice cream, toffee sauce and a dusting of icing sugar 6.50
Contains eggs, milk, gluten, soybeans

Choose one item from each section for £7.50


Beef Burger

100% beef burger served in a sesame seed bun with fries

Fish and Chips

Freshly battered haddock and chunky chips

Cheese and beans Jacket

Soft jacket potato with beans covered in melted cheese (gf) (v)

Chicken Nuggets

Battered chicken nuggets and fries

Tomato pasta

Penne pasta in a tomato and basil sauce (gf)(v)

Supporting Cast

Baked Beans (gf) (vg)
Corn on the cob (gf) (vg)
Garden Peas (gf) (vg)
Garlic Bread (v)

Grand Finale

Marshfield Farm Ice Cream
Fruit pop

To Drink

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Juiced


It was genuinely delicious food, excellent service and being able to return to our table in the interval is just perfect. I cannot imagine eating anywhere else before an event. 

Samantha, Bromley